Tech Diplomacy Academy: world's first online training at the intersection of technology, business and policy.

Today the Krach Institute for Tech Diplomacy at Purdue unveiled its Tech Diplomacy Academy, the world’s first and only online education platform poised to revolutionize how government, business, technology and citizen leaders are trained at scale about critical and emerging technologies.

Join us at the Tech Diplomacy Academy

Technology lies at the heart of geostrategic competition between China and the US. The US and its allies need to secure advantages in emerging technologies to meet ongoing and rapidly evolving national security imperatives.

Michelle Giuda at CHIPS Summit

Michelle Giuda to semiconductor leaders at CHIPS for America Summit: “Tech Diplomacy is innovating and engineering a new way to work together across sectors and across partners and allies.”

Department of State

The Department of State is the first adopter of the Tech Diplomacy Academy, which will help train officials about emerging technologies in the foreign policy landscape.

AI artificial intelligence technology

The Krach Institute for Tech Diplomacy at Purdue has launched a new online initiative to educate government and business leaders—and the general public—on issues at the intersection of technology, national security and economic prosperity.

Purdue University researchers work toward developing quantum materials. (Purdue University photo/Charles Jischke)

Purdue University has joined the Chicago Quantum Exchange (CQE) in the collaborative effort to advance the science and engineering of quantum information, build the future quantum workforce, and drive the nation’s quantum economy.