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Payments and Subscriptions

A full catalog of over twenty 1-hour, online, self-paced courses focused on key ‘advanced technologies’ and their business and policy impacts. The catalog is continuously updated and evolving to include additional courses, webinars, newsflashes, and refreshed course content.

Individuals and Small Groups If you are purchasing a subscription for yourself or purchasing 10 or fewer subscriptions, navigate to the Compare Plans page to subscribe. Each annual subscription is valid for one year. Each monthly subscription will auto renew monthly until you cancel it. Large groups and organizations If you are purchasing subscriptions for more than 10 people, please visit the Enterprise page to learn more. You may also contact our team directly for a quote.

You can upgrade from a monthly to an annual subscription by first cancelling your monthly subscription, and then purchasing an annual subscription. To retain your learner dashboard and course progress related to your previous monthly subscription, please use the same email address when purchasing your annual subscription.

Promo Codes

Email kitdp-tdasupport@prf.org with the promo code with the following information:
  1. The promo code used
  2. The email address you were using to sign up
  3. The date and time of your failed attempt

TDA only accepts one promo code.

Payment Issues and Refunds

Please check your subscription confirmation form to see whether more than one subscription was ordered. If so, and you believe this is an error, please contact kitdp-tdasupport@prf.org. Otherwise, the error may be with your payment method. Please work with your financial institution to resolve the issue.

If you have purchased a Tech Diplomacy Academy subscription, you have 24 hours from the time of purchase to be eligible for a full refund. To verify your request, please forward your subscription receipt email to kitdp-tdasupport@prf.org. The TDA 24-hour refund policy applies to all subscription types made via the techdiplomacyacademy.org website. Qualified refunds will be made directly to your credit card used for the transaction.

You have 24 hours from receipt of your registration confirmation email to apply for a refund. Please see the refund request process instructions above.

If you do not want to be responsible for the payment of multiple subscriptions, each subscription will need to be purchased individually. Your decision to purchase multiple subscriptions and request reimbursement from those you purchased subscriptions for is your responsibility. Please reach out to kitdp-tdasupport@prf.org if you require further assistance.

Log into your account and navigate to My Profile. Click on the Subscription Management link to extend or end your subscription. If you have questions, please contact kitdp-tdasupport@prf.org.

You will need to cancel your existing subscription and sign up for a new subscription with your new credit card. Please use the same email address when you sign up again to ensure you keep your coursework.

You will need to cancel your existing subscription and sign up for a new subscription with your new credit card. Please use the same email address when you sign up again to ensure you keep your coursework.

Enterprise Customers

All site sales are final unless you apply for a refund within 24 hours of purchase. If you have made a bulk purchase via a contract, please contact your business development representative, or contact tdasales@prf.org for assistance.

Only unused entitlements can be retrieved and reassigned. As soon as a user registers and uses their license, it is no longer available for re-assignment. You can use your self-service Tech Diplomacy Academy Admin portal to reassign any unused subscriptions, but the expiration date based on original date of purchase remains the same.

Yes. To discuss the options available to your organization, please complete the enterprise inquiry form or contact our business development team at tdasales@prf.org.

Learning and Completing Courses

Learn more about who the Tech Diplomacy Academy is intended for in our Solutions section.

Currently, all Tech Diplomacy Academy courses are about one hour in duration and consist of up to 10 short modules of multimodal learning via video, infographics, text, and interactive knowledge checks.

You will receive regular email updates about new courses, webinars, and news flashes.

When new courses are added to the system, you will automatically see them in your dashboard the next time you log in.

Each course includes knowledge check activities to help learners gauge their understanding of course material before the final assessment at the end of each course. You must successfully pass the final assessment of each course to receive a course credential. You will learn more about the successful completion requirements at the start of each course. You must accept the Course Agreement at the beginning of each course to receive your credential upon successful course completion.

For each course that you complete, you will receive a digital badge and certificate through the Accredible digital credentialing platform. Certificates and digital badges are portable and easy to share to your social profiles. You may also download and print your credentials to suit your credential management needs. You will receive a link to access your credentials from credential.net within 24 hours of completing a course. Be sure to check your spam folder. To see an example of a Tech Diplomacy Academy credential, visit our Accredible issuer page. Learn how to use your Accredible credentials here.

Technical Course Support

All requests for support will be responded to within one U.S. business day.

It might take up to 10 minutes to receive your email. Be sure to check your inbox and spam folders for an email with the subject “Welcome to the Tech Diplomacy Academy.” Contact kitdp-tdasupport@prf.org if you do not receive the email.

Navigate to https://experience.techdiplomacy.org/s/, click on the log in button in the upper right-hand corner, then select the forgot password or forgot username link.

After you have logged in at https://experience.techdiplomacy.org/s/, click on the Start Learning link. If you do not see any courses on your dashboard, please contact kitdp-tdasupport@prf.org.

Please email kitdp-tdasupport@prf.org with a screenshot of the following information:

  1. A screenshot of the error message you received
  2. The URL of the page where the error was received
  3. Please note the date and time that this error occurred

Yes. If you have trouble with the mobile course experience, try the following troubleshooting tips:

  1. Try a different browser
  2. Try an incognito browser
  3. Turn off VPN
  4. Clear your cache

Suggested troubleshooting steps:

  • If using a VPN, turn off the VPN, or try another device
  • Try to access the course in an incognito browser
  • Clear your cache and browser history, completely log out of the course and log back in

If the above troubleshooting steps do not work, please reach out to kitdp-tdasupport@prf.org with name of the video(s) and link to the course page(s).

Please email kitdp-tdasupport@prf.org with the following information:

  1. Name of course
  2. Name of video and URL of the page the video is located on.

Please allow at least 72 hours for your request to be reviewed.

Please email kitdp-tdasupport@prf.org with the following information:

  1. Name of course
  2. URL of the page(s) where the potential error(s) is located
  3. Screenshots to help explain and identify the error
  4. If more than a typo, please provide evidence to support your error claim

If you receive an error at the end of a course that states that you are not eligible for a certificate, double check that you completed the course agreement at the beginning of the course.

If it has been more than 24 hours since you completed a course and did not receive an email from credential.net in your inbox or spam folder, please contact kitdp-tdasupport@prf.org.

Please reach out to kitdp-tdasupport@prf.org with the following information:

  1. Your previous name
  2. Your new name
  3. Documentation supporting your name change. We recommend you use a secure file sharing program to send the documentation.

Future Courses

Future courses are announced via email updates and website news alerts.

Please contact kitdp-tdasupport@prf.org with the following information:
  1. Your full name
  2. Your employer
  3. The organization(s) you are affiliated with
  4. Your topic of interest
  5. Your area of expertise (commercial, government, academics) within the topic
  6. Please provide links to your LinkedIn and/or other professional profile webpages