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Master Today's Global Technology Landscape

Success begins with education. Join the Tech Diplomacy Academy to discover key emerging technologies and their impact on business and policy.

The Tech Diplomacy Academy is grateful for the support of our Launch Partners:

Introducing the Tech Diplomacy Academy

Created by the Krach Institute for Tech Diplomacy at Purdue, the Tech Diplomacy Academy is a nonprofit education platform designed to:

Educate and Empower

Train professionals, students, and citizens to master the new and essential skill of tech diplomacy and prepare leaders for tomorrow.

Advance Trusted Technology

Accelerate the innovation and adoption of technologies that promote the values of free and open societies.

Bridge Critical Gaps

Offer short, self-paced courses designed to bridge gaps between tech innovations, the industries they create and transform, and the new implications for foreign policy.

Michelle Giuda

“We have a pivotal opportunity to harness the potential of the 21st century tech revolution and make this the safest, freest, most prosperous era in human civilization. In an era where every advancement in technology becomes a battleground between freedom and authoritarianism, the Tech Diplomacy Academy will educate and empower a whole new generation of leaders to compete at the speed and scale necessary to ensure we win and that technology advances freedom.”

Michelle Giuda
CEO, Krach Institute for Tech Diplomacy at Purdue

Keith Krach

“Technology shapes every facet of our personal and professional lives, and the destiny of nations. With the launch of the Tech Diplomacy Academy, we are not merely responding to this reality; we are shaping it. Our mission is clear: to equip leaders with the knowledge and tools necessary to secure our freedom in the new technology age.”

Keith Krach
Chairman and Co-Founder, Krach Institute for Tech Diplomacy at Purdue

Mung Chiang

“As an American public university with the largest STEM undergrad enrollment among top 50 universities, Purdue University is proud to spearhead the new category of Tech Diplomacy. Our commitment to advancing freedom through technology is unwavering, and the Tech Diplomacy Academy is how we deliver on that promise through education.”

Mung Chiang
Co-Founder, Krach Institute for Tech Diplomacy at Purdue
President of Purdue University

Unlock Unlimited Learning

Explore a full library of self paced, hour-long online courses all from one subscription. Become a tech diplomat through:

20+ topical courses on emerging technologies, regularly updated

Includes subject matter experts on business and policy

Webinars and news flashes

Case studies, downloadable playbooks, and more

Certificates and Badges upon completion

Click each image below to explore our continuously growing course catalog.

Empowering Innovative and Aspiring Leaders in Business and Government

  • Navigate the new geopolitical arena and understand your role in the global tech race
  • Access an expert global network to expand your reach and inform your strategy
  • Boost competitiveness by leveraging leading-edge insights to outpace competitors
  • Elevate your technical fluency to navigate, negotiate and lead in the technology revolution, ensuring your national and allied interests are advanced on the global stage.
  • Future-proof your career and gain a competitive edge in the job market with unparalleled expertise in the new and essential practice of tech diplomacy
  • Learn how to leverage technology and make an impact for global good, positioning yourself as a leader in shaping a more free, secure and prosperous world.

Gain the insights needed to make empowered decisions and to evaluate and advocate for emerging technologies promoting freedom, security and prosperity.

The Tech Diplomacy Academy was created to arm a new generation with a new way of thinking to compete and win in this new era.

A Learning Platform Designed for Impact

Flexible Learning Pathways

Dive into our concise, powerful courses designed to fit your schedule. With each course requiring about 1 hour, advance your skills and knowledge at your own pace, whenever, wherever, on any device.

Multidisciplinary Insights

Benefit from a curriculum enriched with viewpoints from across sectors. Our courses bridge the gap between industries, offering you a holistic understanding of tech diplomacy’s vast landscape.

Practical Implementation

Move from understanding to action with courses that don’t just teach but guide. Each lesson equips you with a clear playbook on implementing tech diplomacy practices effectively in your field.

Esteemed Instructors

Be mentored by the best. Our courses are led by renowned figures from academia, industry, and diplomacy, ensuring you receive unparalleled insights and guidance on your journey to mastery.

Scalable Plans for the Individual, Teams, or Enterprise


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What Key Leaders Are Saying About the Tech Diplomacy Academy

Elizabeth M. AllenUnder Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy
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"We are thrilled about the training opportunity provided by the Krach Institute for Tech Diplomacy at Purdue. The landscape of global power is increasingly shaped by our ability to compete in cyberspace and on critical technologies. Understanding our digital world – and the impact of tough challenges in cyberspace and advancements in AI, quantum computing, and other emerging technologies – is vital for our national security and economic leadership. Developing our Public Diplomacy team and cadres of cyber, digital, and technology officers at State into proficient tech diplomats is key to ensuring our continued leadership and ability to build strong global partnerships."
Mircea Geoana NATO Deputy Secretary General
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“We are in the midst of a critical competition to develop the technologies that will determine the shape of our world in the coming century. Freedom-loving nations must maintain and expand the lead in creating and advancing trusted technologies that will safeguard freedom, or authoritarian regimes could leverage new technologies to undermine and destroy the values we hold dear. The Tech Diplomacy Academy will play a vital role ensuring that our leaders across the NATO Alliance and beyond understand the technologies, business strategies and diplomatic tools that must be employed to secure our continuing leadership in vital tech sectors now and in the next generation."
Audrey TangTaiwan Minister of Digital Affairs
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“I applaud the Krach Institute for launching the Tech Diplomacy Academy. It is a brand-new platform that integrates tech expertise, high-tech business strategies and foreign policy tools designed to showcase how much the trusted technology means in this digital age. The Tech Diplomacy Academy will gradually shape the next generation of transformational leaders in the free world and help advance technology that serves humanity.”
Lt. Gen. (ret.) H.R. McMasterSenior Fellow, Hoover Institution; 25th U.S. National Security Advisor
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“Trusted technology is vital to our national security. The Krach Institute’s Tech Diplomacy Academy is invaluable for helping public and private sector leaders navigate today’s complex technological and geopolitical competitions. The Tech Diplomacy Academy platform helps leaders see the connections between technology, diplomacy, and corporate strategy to take advantage of opportunities, reduce risks, and contribute to a more peaceful and prosperous future.”
David MalpassFormer President of the World Bank and Distinguished Fellow of International Finance at Purdue University’s Mitchell E. Daniels, Jr. School of Business
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“I am very pleased to see the Krach Institute for Tech Diplomacy at Purdue filling a critical leadership and education gap with the launch of its Tech Diplomacy Academy. This integration of technology, business and government expertise is a vital step in equipping business leaders and innovators with the knowledge to implement strategies that promote freedom and well-functioning markets and foster trusted economic collaboration.”
Dr. Chi-Hung LinPresident, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University (NYCU), Taiwan
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"NYCU is proud of our collaboration with the Krach Institute for Tech Diplomacy at Purdue. The creation and deployment of its Tech Diplomacy Academy is another ground-breaking achievement that will serve humanity by training current and future leaders in the outsized importance of trusted technology. As a university dedicated to solving real-world problems, we applaud the Krach Institute for putting this idea into practice."
President Tsai-Yen LiNational Chengchi University (NCCU), Taiwan
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"As the President of National Chengchi University (NCCU), I am honored to emphasize the critical role of technology diplomacy in shaping our global future. Our collaboration with the Tech Diplomacy Academy (TDA) underscores our shared commitment to nurturing leaders who are well-versed in the nuances of technology and international relations. Together, through initiatives like TDA, we are pioneering a path that bridges technological innovation with diplomatic acumen, ensuring that our students are equipped to navigate and negotiate the complex tapestry of today's global challenges."
Tony Abbott28th Prime Minister of Australia, Global Tech Security Commissioner for Australia
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“These days cyber safety is almost as important as physical safety. And most of us are way behind in keeping up with the latest ways to steal our secrets and fool us into giving things away. I’m confident that the Tech Diplomacy Academy platform will help – especially people who aren’t necessarily totally tech savvy, like me!”
Tim DraperRenowned venture capitalist and founder of Draper Associates
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As a tech investor, I’ve seen first-hand the dramatic impact new technologies have on the global balance of military, economic, political and social power. The Tech Diplomacy Academy can play an important role educating tech innovators and leaders in industry and government to be conversant in the technologies and strategies needed to ensure that freedom-loving societies retain their leadership in key tech sectors and prevent authoritarian regimes from abusing technology to expand their influence.”
Patrick WilsonVice President, MediaTek
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“As an American working for a Taiwanese company, I know first-hand how essential it is for the U.S. and our democratic allies to dominate the race for advanced technology. Everyone needs to understand the importance of this global competition and its impact on foreign policy. By emphasizing the critical importance of trusted technology, TDA will shape the next generation of leaders who will ensure that technology serves humanity, advances freedom, and fosters a global environment built on the principles of security, reliability, and ethical innovation.”
Adam LeslieDirector, Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI), Washington, DC
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"Tech diplomacy is increasingly vital in bridging the gap between technological advancement and international relations. Challenging technology leaps in AI, cybersecurity, and data privacy, require global management. The Krach Institute's Tech Diplomacy Academy will play an important role in fostering coordinated and equitable tech policies, enhancing global stability and fostering international innovation partnerships."

Frequently Asked Questions

A full catalog of over twenty 1-hour, online, self-paced courses focused on key ‘advanced technologies’ and their business and policy impacts. The catalog is continuously updated and evolving to include additional courses, webinars, newsflashes, and refreshed course content.

For each course that you complete, you will receive a digital badge and certificate through the Accredible digital credentialing platform. Certificates and digital badges are portable and easy to share to your social profiles. You may also download and print your credentials to suit your credential management needs. You will receive a link to access your credentials from credential.net within 24 hours of completing a course. Be sure to check your spam folder. To see an example of a Tech Diplomacy Academy credential, visit our Accredible issuer page. Learn how to use your Accredible credentials here.

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